About us

Over the past few decades, Hong Kong’s information technology (IT) industry has experienced ups and downs amid complex global and Greater China situations. Our company was established in 1999. Fortunately, it has been growing healthily. Not only has it not been phased out by technology trends, but it continues to grow. From the start of our business to the present, we have always had a strong interest in and dedication to technology, and firmly believe that the mission must be completed according to the reasonable requirements of customers. Gradually, this belief has allowed us to create synergies between us and our customers, allowing us to continuously grow together.

過去幾十年,香港的資訊科技(IT)行業在復雜的全球和大中華地區形勢下經歷了起起落落。 我們公司成立於1999年。幸運的是,它一直在健康成長。 它不僅沒有被技術趨勢淘汰,而且還在繼續增長。 從創業到現在,我們始終對技術有著濃厚的興趣和執著,堅信使命必須按照客戶的合理要求來完成。 漸漸地,這種信念使我們能夠在我們和客戶之間創造協同效應,使我們能夠不斷地共同成長。